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Tuesday 25 November 2014    Sherry Jewellery - Bespoke jewellers - Unique designs - Diamond ring specialists

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New jewellery from old

Do you have jewellery that you never wear?
It may be a piece that you’ve inherited or simply, something that you’re tired of. Let us redesign it. We can use the original stones and often the metal itself, retaining the sentiment of the original item.

As experienced and qualified designer makers, we have the expertise to design you something you’ll enjoy wearing.

The possibilities are limitless; we’ve turned bracelets into wedding rings, brooches into eternity rings and re-styled engagement rings for successive generations to wear.

The ring (right)
has an antique-cut aquamarine that was in an old setting which we redesigned,
New jewellery from old Re modelled Aqua and diamond ring
 introducing new diamonds, for a spectacular engagement ring. 

The beauty of it is that you already have some of the materials to use: Re-cycling gems to incorporate into new and inspired jewellery. It’s proving an extremely popular service.
We will advise and guide you through the choices, to ensure that the finished item suits your needs exactly: A Sherry Design remodel, with the flair and originality that we always offer.

“I have just been looking yet again at my lovely rings, which you designed and restyled. I could not have wished for better craftsmanship or more dedicated goldsmiths. Your advice and guidance were of great value. Many thanks, Virginia.”

Call to discuss your ideas, or e-mail photos of your old jewellery to discover their potential.

Case study 1

Here we re-model an old ring and bracelet in to a completely new piece of jewellery. Our client decided to recycle a few pieces of old jewellery, combining them, to provide enough diamonds, to create the ring you see, below right.

From this this

Re-style your old jewellery Re-model old jewellery in to new

Here's how we did it

The brief was to create a special birthday gift with ‘wow’ factor, for the client’s daughter’s 21st.

The jewellery to be re-modelled had sentimental value, but was no longer worn. So to re model these pieces, really built in extra meaning to the gift.

After talking through ideas, a series of rings, which could be worn separately or as a dynamic combination was decided upon. 

Re-design using old diamonds

Recycle old jewellery

This re style was commissioned straight from the pencil sketch. The old stones were carefully removed, and cleaned ready for re- setting.

We often get asked about re-polishing gem stones. In the case of diamonds, it's rarely necessary, but other coloured gems do scratch with wear and it is at this point any re-cutting can be done.

 More about re-styling your jewellery

The finished set of rings.  ( Five in all. )

We made two rings, with two diamonds, one with three diamonds and also made two plain rose gold rings, to act as spacers, allowing even more options of wearability.

This concept is very versatile. You can also add full eternity rings, plaited rings or other parallel- edged rings to produce extaordinary combinations

Re using diamonds from your old jewellery

That was the best buying experience I have EVER had.  When I first called Sherry Jewellery I was slightly nervous, not only because I had stumbled upon them via the internet and live nowhere near them, I had the slightly embarrassing issue of wanting to recycle the diamonds from old rings into something new, I was worried they would think us miserly!  I needn’t have been concerned, talking to Ruth is like putting on a pair of slippers – so comfortable, and she really knows jewellery. I must have been an infuriating client,
Me: “I want a ring made from the diamonds from 4 old rings and it needs to be a wedding, engagement and eternity ring all in one”
Ruth: “How do you want it to look?”
Me: “I have no idea”
Ruth: “leave it with me I will send you some sketches”
After just a few phone calls and emails, (Ruth had so many beautiful ideas, I wanted them all) we decided on a design.
That was five weeks ago and today the most breathtaking ring in the world arrived, I’m sure everyone thinks that about their ring but mine really is! 
Thank you to everyone involved at Sherry Jewellery – I am on cloud nine today. Forever your client.
With love from Ali.  West Midlands

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