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Sunday 23 November 2014    Sherry Jewellery - Bespoke jewellers - Unique designs - Diamond ring specialists

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Top 10 ways to proposeBuying an engagement ringChoosing a surprise giftChoosing anniversary gifts

Design rights and copyright

All SHERRY JEWELLERY designs are intellectual property and are legally protected under Design Right and copyright law. Copying is prohibited. All Intellectual property rights in our designs are and will belong to Sherry Jewellery. They are protected under ‘Design Right’ and ‘copyright law’ .Any infringement will be pursued vigorously.

All of the designs displayed on this web site are the intellectual property of SHERRY JEWELLERY the copying, reproduction of any design by any other manufacturer or retailer would be considered an infringement of ‘Design rights’ and we would seek civil action with a view to attaining compensation.

You may not copy reproduce, electronically transmit or publish any of the material on this web site without written consent of SHERRY JEWELLERY other than for legitimate uses connected to SHERRY JEWELLERY.

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